Updated 14 August 2009

January to March 2009

  • Preliminary research into the kinds of applications, sites and services that are available and potentially useful for educators.
  • Secondary research into foundational questions concerning online education, Web 2.0, and assessment.
  • Started trialling one of the component parts of the new approach to assessment (learning tasks and portfolio) in a unit of study at Curtin in Internet Studies.

April to June 2009

  • Surveys on student experiences regarding the learning tasks and portfolio
  • Commencement of first phase of workshop series across Australia across Australia

July to September 2009

  • Workshops continue
  • Conference presentations on preliminary research results and conceptual aspects of the project
  • Implementation of new approaches in Internet Studies units
  • Detailed research into Web 2.0 tools
  • Collation of material and analyses of workshops to produce a report

October to December 2009

  • Conference presentations
  • Commence finalising research and writing up

January to March 2010

  • Second round of workshops (April)
  • Introduction of additional techniques at Curtin

April to June 2010

July 2010

Completion of major report on the project outcomes

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