Web 2.0 Tech: sites, services, apps

Web 2.0: what is it?

Web 2.0 is not just technologies but also an idea which underpins some of this work.

Sites, services, apps: what theā€¦?

A key aspect of 'web 2.0' is to stop thinking of the web as a collection of sites. There are sites, yes, but some of those sites offer services and applications, especially involving interactive collaborative content generation and management. And, while a 'site' might technically exist for some apps and services, they are not designed to be 'a website' - for example, gmail operates through 'the web' and could be presented as a 'site' but really, it is a service, based on mail application.

List of services and sites

Uses of the technology

One of the uses of these technologies will be to create a series of Net Studies website publications through which student work will become 'online knowledge'.

However, we also need to find and assess other places - not controlled by us - which students can (with appropriate guidance) use. There are two main sorts:

  • publishing locations (old-fashioned websites) whre students can contribute in their own right, but in a manner that involves some kind of submission of work, moderation etc, or at least new forms of it (e.g as found on Wikipedia).
  • knowledge networking locations (new 'sites') where students 'do' knowledge work, to a greater or lesser extent in public.

tech issues

One of the technological issues here is the end of the LMS

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