Internet Communications 399

NET399 (Individual Project)

C2010 Information (March 2009)

Syllabus Statement

In this unit, you will plan for and undertake an individual research project. Under supervision, you will prepare a research proposal, complete an annotated bibliography and research and write a paper suitable for presentation at a conference or publication in a scholarly journal. You will not be required to originate primary data, but will be expected to conduct advanced research using existing primary research data available from other sources and also utilise and explore the analysis already published by other scholars. Students may be permitted to present the final outcome of projects using elements of online design or production; students may be permitted to link their project to tasks or duties within their employment or community. Entry to this unit is at the discretion of the course coordinator depending on results achieved in other units of study.


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Prepare and present scholarly research proposals
  2. Conduct advanced scholarly bibliographic research
  3. Prepare and present a scholarly research paper or equivalent in alternative form
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the Internet as a social technology of communication and information at an advanced level

Tuition Pattern

Individual supervision


  1. Project Proposal 5% Week 2 ULO 1
  2. Literature Review 25% Week 6 ULO 2,4
  3. Reflective Analysis 10% Week 15, ULO 1,3
  4. Outcome of Project 60% Week 15 ULO 3,4


Permission of Course Coordinator.

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