Internet Communications 308

NET308 (Networked and Virtual Organisations)

C2010 Information (March 2009)

Syllabus Statement

Virtual and networked organisations are the focus of this unit, recognising that networked computing has had had a significant impact on large public and private sector organisations. Increasingly, the Internet is reshaping organisations and our experience of working within them. In this unit you will learn how and why organisations change as they utilise network technologies; you will consider the extent to which they have, therefore, become ‘virtual’. As a result you will become more effective in participating in and managing organisational change involving ICTs especially the Internet


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Explain how organisations work in terms of their structures, exchanges and decision making,
  2. Analyse the way that networked information and communications technologies influence, and in turn are influenced by, the organisations within which they are used
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the complex relationship between planned and actual outcomes of ICT development within organisations
  4. Apply conceptual understandings of the social foundations technological change to the creation and management of virtual and networked organisations

Tuition Pattern

2hr seminar; 1 hr online


  1. Concept Summaries 15% Week 5 ULO 1
  2. Essay 20% Week 8 ULO 2,3
  3. Online Content Creation 25% Week 12, ULO 2,4
  4. Essay 40% Week 15 ULO 1,2,3,4


Either NET205 or NET204

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