Internet Communications 206

NET206 (Writing and Publishing for the Internet)

C2010 Information

Syllabus Statement

The Internet is still, principally, a medium for written communication; this unit offers you a practically oriented, conceptually based approach by which you can become more effective in writing and publishing on the Internet. First, you will closely engage with the practicalities of writing online, across different styles and genres and exploring how its technologies support creativity and innovation. Second, you will learn about the contexts and ‘channels’ of public online writing. Finally, you will consider key underlying information issues such as relevance, credibility, authority and utility


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Effectively write and present information publicly using the Internet
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the Internet’s various contexts for and channels of communication that influence writing and publishing
  3. Apply understanding of specific features of the Internet as a medium for effective writing and publishing
  4. Present arguments concerning the importance of credibility, authority and utility in creating and assessing Internet writing

Tuition Pattern

1 hour lecture + 1 hour tutorial + 1 hour Laboratory.


  1. Annotated bibliograpy 15% Week 8 ULOS 1,2
  2. Essay 25% Week 12 ULOS 3,4
  3. Knowledge Networking and Online Content Creation 60% Week 6+15, ULOS 1-4


NET101; note that we will do a simple 'how to do a web presence' guide for students who may wish to enter without NET101

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