Internet Communications 205

NET205 Consumers, Commerce and Internet Capitalism

C2010 Information (March 2009)

Syllabus Statement

To be an Internet user is, essentially, to be part of the economics of the Internet, through innumerable commercial transactions and by being part of audiences sold for advertising. In this unit, you will come to understand the dynamics of Internet commence, including the ‘free’ services that are part of the attention economy; you will also analyse the importance for the Internet of an alternative economic form – the gift economy. Ultimately, you will understand how the Internet might, within capitalism, be associated with economic rewards and risks; and how developments on the Internet have altered business practices and approaches


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the principles and practices which sustain Internet commerce
  2. Analyse specific commercial events and occurrences to explain the nature of Internet economics
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the way in which capitalism dominates the social and technological workings of the Internet in global society
  4. Assess critically the culture and practices of ‘free’ online labour, goods and services associated with Internet

Tuition Pattern

1hr lecture/whole-group activity; 1hr f2f tute; 1 hour online


  1. Essay 20% Week 6 ULO 1,2
  2. Learning Tasks and Discussion 20% Week 15 ULO 1,2,3,4
  3. Essay 40% Week 15, ULO 3,4
  4. Online Content Creation Week 20% Week 11 ULO 2,4


NIL - but note for OUA NET102 is a pre-requisite.

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