Internet Communications 102

NET102 – The Internet and Everyday Life

(see below for brief details of unit)

Role in Project

Assignment 1: is distinct from portfolio, but acts as a kind of 'trial run'. This assignment will also be used as an example, albeit very modest, of a specific way of using discussion boards for something other than just general discussion which is then assessed in toto.

Assignment 3: participation assessed as portfolio. Participation consists of both selected examples of tasks and discussion done during the unit, plus some required tasks.

Syllabus Statement

For many people, their everyday life now involves constant interaction with the Internet. Indeed the Internet is becoming an almost invisible part of these experiences. As cyberspace and real space come together, it is easy to miss the effects of the Internet on us and our society. Through several specific topics – such as sex, music, games, faith, health, and politics – this unit will help you to investigate the Internet from various perspectives and across a range of experiences. You will also learn to analyse the Internet conceptually, understanding how technology and society intertwine


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how the Internet and people's everyday lives are interconnected
  • Present effectively reasoned views about the causes, circumstances and consequences of the Internet in everyday life
  • Analyse the Internet in everyday life to gain broader insights into its impact on society, especially in relation to our experience of time and space
  • Demonstrate understanding of the similarities and differences in the way the Internet is experienced, and how it is represented in private and public discourse
  • Identify, understand and begin using broad categories (community, economy, power and identity) to analyse the social basis of Internet technology


  1. Writing and Response - Collated summary of own brief argument about the Internet and everyday life and comments on others’ work
  2. Essay using one case study from topics presented exploring the Internet and everyday life
  3. Collated submission of regular contributions and additional conclusions re categories for analysing the Internet
  4. Essay drawing on several topics within unit that presents arguments concerning the Internet, time and space and other issues

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