Internet Communications 101

NET101 - Communication and Collaboration Online

C2010 Information (March 2009)

Syllabus Statement

The Internet has dramatically changed the way people and organisations communicate, whether for better or worse. For many, online communication is now one of their most significant forms of interaction with others. Online communication also underpins collaboration between people, either in formal groups or loose networks. Understanding how the Internet affords us new and different ways of communicating is, therefore, essential. This unit will enable you to become an effective and sophisticated user of the Internet, able to deploy its techniques, technologies and underlying concepts for online communication and collaboration.


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the basic technical foundations of the Internet and related technologies as they apply to communications and collaboration
  2. Demonstrate understanding of key concepts in Internet communication and collaboration
  3. Relate conceptual understandings to practical implementation of communication and collaboration tools online
  4. Use various Internet applications for communication and collaboration

Tuition Pattern

1hr lecture/whole-group activity; 1hr f2f tute (16 students / tute), 1 hr f2f lab (16 students/lab)


  1. Short Question and Answer 15% Week 5 ULO 1
  2. Essay 25% Week 10 ULO 2,3
  3. Learning Tasks and Discussion 25% Week 7+15, ULO 2,3,4
  4. Online Content Creation Week 35% 15 ULO 2,3,4




Assignment 3 is assessed by portfolio - participation in activities in unit.

Assignment 4 is tied to exploring the concept of web presence

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