In-unit participation portfolio assessment (AR1)

AR1 - In-unit participation portfolio assessment

NET102 is primary location for this research.


Participation in units of study involving online learning is best assessed by requiring students to present a portfolio of work selecting and analysing examples of their learning activities


It has become commonplace for academics in humanities and many other disciplines to assign marks for and assess students on their participation in a unit of study. Normally, such participation marks relate to regular activities and discussion undertaken within classrooms, as opposed to the individual learning through completion of assignments. In most cases these marks are assigned primarily on the basis of discussion - reflecting the contemporary conventional wisdom of constructivist approaches to knowledge. In online learning, it is common for the sum of all discussions in various forums and other settings that are the internet-mediated equivalent of the tutorial / seminar discussion class, to be used as the basis of grading students' participation. This approach has the benefit of encouraging student participation (in return for marks or the potential to achieve them); however it can be challenging to assess in an equitable manner all students' contributions over a study period.

Working ideas

Survey of NET103/12 students

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